Depending on the type and scope of the project, we use the services of the following experts:

Dr Nikolay Mehandjiev

Nikolay is the proprietor of IS4DE and also a Professor of Enterprise Information Systems at the Manchester Business School. He will be happy to discuss how IS4DE can help you or to advise your EC proposal development.

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IS4DE Consulting

Innovative Solutions for the Digital Economy

Dr Ilias Petrounias

Ilias is an associate expert with IS4DE and is also a Senior Lecturer at the Manchester Business School. He is happy to advise you on areas of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. The techniques that he has developed  have been extensively applied in the medical domain and in areas such as multimedia data, electricity demand prediction, web log and food processing data

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Dr Evtim Peytchev

Evtim is an associate expert with IS4DE and a Reader in Wireless, Mobile and Pervasive Computing at Nottingham Trent University. His main research domain is working towards identifying and delivering novel wireless and mobile communication solutions for ITS. The main topics in this domain are ad-hoc networking, C2X communication, mobile phone apps solutions, mobile networking and collaborative (between the cars, pier-to-pier) knowledge generation. Evtim is also Research Leader of the Intelligent Simulation, Modelling and Networking Group.

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Dr Liwei Liu

Liwei is an associate expert with IS4DE and also a research associate in Enterprise Information Systems at Manchester Business School. Her expertise includes recommender systems, personalization, and data analytics. She was the chief analyst in data analytics projects with ODEON and with TfGM (Transport for Great Manchester) in 2014.

Usman is an associate expert at IS4DE and a researcher in distributed systems and cloud services at MBS. His expertise includes the design and development of service-based systems and service ecosystems that incorporate cutting edge techniques for automated interactions (among digital entities or services) as well as compositions and optimization of service-based solutions with the use of state of the art technologies such as Web2.0 tools. He has worked as a project analyst and a technical leader in a number of collaborative R&D projects. Recently he was the technical lead of European ECO2Clouds project where eco-aware optimization techniques helped in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions of cloud computing by up to 80%.

Dr Usman Wajid